Read 24 Row, 24 Row Maxi, & 32 Row

Read Pleater up close

Read Pleaters are simply the best. All models feature durable brass rollers for longevity and a compact, space-saving footprint. These pleaters also feature dual turning knobs for easy operation and a unique pin mechanism for convenient needle changes

All Read Pleaters ship pre-installed with needles. Order replacement packs with your pleater to have spare needles ready right when you need them.

24 Row

Read 24 row pleater

The Read 24 Row Pleater features 24 needles with 1 centimeter spacing the entire width of the pleater with 12 additional “half spaces” on one half. This machine will pleat a 9 inch width of fabric, though the total width of the fabric can be wider due to the pleater’s open ends. This model is suitable for most basic pleating needs.

$419.00 (US Dollar) – Free Shipping in the US!

24 Row Maxi

Read 24 Row Maxi pleater

The Read 24 Row Maxi Pleater features “half spaces” across the full width of the pleater. Like the 24 Row, the 24 Row Maxi will pleat up to 9 inches width of fabric. This model is great for those who need versatility!

Note: Comes with 24 needles. With the purchase of additional needles (not included), up to 47 needles can be installed every half centimeter.

$439.00 (US Dollar) – Free Shipping in the US!

32 Row

Read 32 Row pleater

The Read 32 Row Pleater pleats fabric up to 12 inches wide, featuring additional “half spaces” on one half of the pleater. This pleater provides the maximum size pleat available to accomplish any project, large or small. This is the largest size pleater available anywhere; perfect for those who want to be able to do it all!

$499.00 (US Dollar) – Free Shipping in the US!